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Long-Term Care Insurance Specialists with expertise in guiding individuals and families through the long-term care planning process
Experts in the planning, implementation, and continued service of worksite LTCi programs, including executive carve-outs, voluntary employee-paid plans, and employer-funded core plans with voluntary buy-ups
Extensive background in Long-Term Care Planning and Gerontology, offering claims assistance and care-giving guidance to clients and their families

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As a financial professional and active member of my community, I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses build their financial futures, with a special emphasis on long-term care needs. To stay on top of my field and develop my professional skills, I regularly attend industry training and certification programs. This includes study for the CLTC, a professional designation which stands for "Certified in Long-Term Care," granted by the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification. 

My academic background rooted in a Degree in Gerontology from University of Oregon, experience in the field of gerontology, and professional affiliations have fostered my practical approach to guiding my clients through the important financial decisions that will affect their and their families’ future. First I’ll consider your specific financial goals and retirement objectives. Working together, we’ll formulate a strategy to help you achieve your goals and protect your retirement savings from the devastating costs of long-term care.

Employers are beginning to understand the impact of long-term care on employees as well as retirees. Many adult children of Baby Boomers are preparing for their own retirement while coping with the care-giving situations of their parents. Disability in retirement is a family problem. Employers can help by offering Long-Term Care insurance benefits that can bring peace of mind and make it easier for employees and family members to qualify and pay for long-term care coverage.

Our Team

Alan Marblestone, Director of Operations

Alan Marblestone, Director of Operations

Alan began working with Marblestone Insurance Services [MIS] five years ago after his and Karen’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease – a condition that typically creates a need for long-term care services. Even with Karen’s extensive experience in gerontology and long-term care planning, the emotional and financial challenges of dealing with a long-term care situation were impactful – and life changing.

After nearly 40 years working across many channels of commerce, including retail management, buying/purchasing, importing/exporting, product development, and manufacturing, Alan wanted to become involved in an industry that strives to make the lives of individuals and families dealing with similar long-term care challenges just a little more secure. Upon volunteering for a fund-raising campaign for the Alzheimer’s Association, he learned firsthand how essential it was to prepare – financially and emotionally – for the possible need for long-term care services.

After this experience he started working with Karen, assisting with her planning and operations. This work, and his desire to support the greater educational and financial planning efforts of MIS, developed into Alan’s current position as Director of Operations.

Harris Kivitz, Enrollment Partner

Harris Kivitz, Enrollment Partner

Harris has been in the Long-Term Care insurance industry for over 40 years. He began his career as an insurance underwriter, then continued onto successful positions in policy development, sales, and sales training, before eventually taking on the role of Director of Marketing at a national insurance company. He works all over the country with individual clients, school districts, universities, and worksite corporate clients.

Harris’ diverse skillset and extensive industry experience is unparalleled, and has allowed him to develop a sound understanding of what goes into successful financial and retirement planning. He is certified by both the Corporation for Long-Term Care [CLTC] and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors [NAIFA], and applies his experience to ensure that Marblestone Insurance Services is represented by an educated and well-informed salesforce.

Mitch Loran, Enrollment Partner

Mitch Loran, Enrollment Partner

Having worked exclusively in the Long-Term Care insurance [LTCi] industry for 25+ years, Mitch has extensive experience as both an LTCi salesman and as a training specialist on the most effective and ethical ways to represent LTCi. He has advised and protected thousands of families from the devastating costs of the Long-Term Care illness, and has been a valuable partner in a number of our worksite cases.

Debra Sokolsky, Client Support Specialist

Debra Sokolsky, Client Support Specialist

As our Client Support Specialist, Debra interacts with college staff and provides assistance to individuals who are interested in pursuing Long-Term Care insurance. Her extensive administrative background has been primarily in higher education, dealing with academic administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Help with long-term care planning is not always at arm’s length. As Debra knows, when a close family member experiences that need, having an insurance policy to assist with care is critical, and always personal.

CA Colleges & Universities

Marblestone Insurance Services specializes in Long-Term Care insurance [LTCi] planning for Universities and Community College Districts in California. We have a deep understanding of the CalPERS LTCi program, and how to advise people with their best options when facing hard choices. Through the years, we have helped protect retirement assets and income for over 1,800 University and Community College District faculty and staff members. We pride ourselves on our personal, customized services, which allow us to ensure that all of our programs are executed as efficiently as possible.

Partnership with Advanced Resources Marketing

We are pleased to have Advanced Resources Marketing [ARM] as a partner during the planning, implementation, and ongoing service of our Worksite Long-Term Care insurance [LTCi] programs. ARM is a national marketing and distribution company that has focused exclusively on LTCi since its founding in 1986. ARM is an LTC Global company, and as part of the largest independent LTCi marketing operation in the industry, our partners at ARM are experts in all things LTCi, particularly when it comes to navigating the Employer Group space.

Since joining forces with ARM in 2014, we have been able to greatly expand our efforts in partnering with Universities and Community College Districts throughout California. ARM's expertise and support helps us streamline our enrollment process, allowing us to efficiently serve a much wider client base.

Education Center

As you make your decision about purchasing Long-Term Care insurance [LTCi], consider the topics discussed in these brief summaries and how they relate to you.

Protect Your Hard-Earned Retirement Savings
More and more individuals and families are realizing that one of the biggest threats to their retirement income is if the need for long-term care should arise. As a result, LTCi has become a vital part of overall financial and retirement planning. Ensuring that you are adequately covered allows you to protect your hard-earned retirement savings and assets, providing you with financial stability when you need it most.
Receive Better Quality Care – Where You Want It
When it comes to receiving care, most people prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible. LTCi provides you with more freedom when deciding where care will be received, paying for equipment and services that allow you to stay in your own home – longer. Furthermore, LTCi not only gives you the freedom to choose where care is received, it also allows you to receive the highest quality care possible by expanding your options to services that might otherwise be too expensive or inaccessible.
Provide Your Loved Ones with Much Needed Peace-of-Mind
The need for long-term care not only affects you, it also affects your family members. Oftentimes it is loved ones who have to coordinate services and manage finances, and in many cases, even become the primary caregiver. LTCi allows individuals to relieve their family of this stress, sparing them a great deal of physical, emotional, and financial strain.
The Cost of Waiting
Consider the following: (1) Premiums for LTCi are based on your age, and as a result will never get lower. (2) The need for care can arise at any age, not just when you are elderly. (3) You are not covered while you wait, leaving you susceptible to loss should the need for care arise. Looking at these factors, one can see that the best time to buy is now! You may need coverage when you least expect it, and coverage you purchase now is coverage you won’t have to buy later at a higher price.

LTC Facts & Figures

Average annual cost in a CA nursing home
70% of people over age 65
Will eventually need some type of long-term care
$49.3 Billion of LTC Costs
Were financed out-of-pocket in 2012

35% more care hours
Received by individuals with LTCi

42% of people receiving LTC
Are under the age of 65

52% of LTCi Claims
Were for home care in 2014

Sources (from the top, left to right): 1. 2018 Annual Cost of Care Study; Long-Term Care Group; 2018   |   2.  Medicare & You 2015; Official US Government Medicare Handbook; 2015   |   3.  The Economic Security of American Households; US Treasury Department; 2017                                                                     4. 2015-2016 LTCi Sourcebook; American Association for LTCi; 2016    |   5. Long-Term Care Frequently Asked Questions; National Conference of State Legislatures; 2016   |   6. 2015-2016 LTCi Sourcebook; American Association for LTCi; 2016

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