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I began working with Karen and Marblestone Insurance Services [MIS] five years ago after our father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease – a condition that typically creates a need for long-term care services. Even with Karen’s extensive experience in gerontology and long-term care planning, the emotional and financial challenges of dealing with a long-term care situation were impactful – and life changing.

After nearly 40 years working across many channels of commerce, including retail management, buying/purchasing, importing/exporting, product development, and manufacturing, I wanted to become involved in an industry that strives to make the lives of individuals and families dealing with similar long-term care challenges just a little more secure. Upon volunteering for a fund-raising campaign for the Alzheimer’s Association, I learned firsthand how essential it was to prepare – financially and emotionally – for the possible need for long-term care services.

After this experience I started working with Karen, assisting with her planning and operations. This work, and my desire to support the greater educational and financial planning efforts of MIS, developed into my current position as Director of Operations.