Hi! I’m Karen Marblestone Perry

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As a financial professional and active member of my community, I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses build their financial futures, with a special emphasis on long-term care needs. To stay on top of my field and develop my professional skills, I’ve regularly attended industry training and certification programs. This includes study for the CLTC, a professional designation which stands for “Certified in Long-Term Care,” granted by the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification.

My academic background rooted in a Degree in Gerontology from University of Oregon, experience in the field of gerontology and professional affiliations have fostered my practical approach to guiding my clients through the important financial decisions that will affect their and their families’ future. First I’ll consider your specific financial goals and retirement objectives. Working together, we’ll formulate a strategy to help you achieve your goals and protect your retirement savings from the devastating costs of long-term care.

Employers are beginning to understand the impact of long-term care on employees as well as retirees. Many adult children of the baby boom generation are preparing for their own retirement while coping with care-giving situations of their parents. Disability in retirement is a family problem. Employers can help by offering voluntary Long-Term Care insurance benefits that can bring peace of mind and make it easier for employees and family members to qualify and pay for long-term care coverage.